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Outsourcing provides you with the opportunity to tap into a pool of highly skilled, English-speaking professionals in the Philippines who are entirely committed to your company. This enables you to assign tasks and projects to your Fullstaffer team according to your unique business requirements. We handle the responsibility of overseeing their efficiency, performance, as well as all aspects of human resources and recruitment.
Offshoring provides businesses with the opportunity to acquire additional support that would have previously been too costly to obtain locally. Opting for offshoring allows you to free up your local team’s time, enabling them to focus on more high-value tasks. This, in turn, can lead to greater productivity and help your team address tasks that may have been postponed for months or even years. Contrary to a common misconception, outsourcing can actually benefit local employment. Rather than leading to job losses, it can strengthen your business and contribute to the development of a sustainable business model, fostering long-term competitiveness, which ultimately benefits local employees.

By incorporating offshoring into your business strategy, you can ensure the long-term sustainability of your company. Through cost optimization and increased productivity, you’ll unlock opportunities for future growth and profitability, allowing you to compete on a global scale.
Fullstaffer establishes the international division of your organization and takes care of the following aspects:

  1. Managing facilities.
  2. Providing IT support.
  3. Overseeing recruitment efforts.
  4. Handling payroll and HR matters.

We cultivate a strong team culture by incorporating birthday celebrations and social events outside regular working hours. Your role entails training our outsourced staff in your systems and business processes, allocating their tasks, supervising their ongoing assignments, and maintaining open lines of communication between your offshore and onshore employees. This ensures that our outsourced team feels integrated and motivated to work towards common business objectives. Some clients appoint dedicated offshore and onshore “champions” who lead projects and serve as the primary point of contact to streamline communication and facilitate seamless collaboration between both teams. In summary, Fullstaffer manages all aspects related to the Philippines while you focus on running your business.
Indeed, Fullstaffer is not limited to large enterprises with substantial financial resources. Recent advancements in technology have democratized Fullstaffer, making it attainable for businesses of all scales. In fact, Fullstaffer serves as an efficient means through which small and medium-sized companies seeking expansion can enhance the scalability of their operations.

Costs & Benefits

Outsourcing to the Philippines can lead to significant cost reductions of up to 70%. These savings are attributed to the remarkably lower cost of living in the Philippines compared to Western countries.

At Fullstaffer, we provide a monthly package to help decrease operational expenses and enable you to concentrate on expanding and advancing your business. This monthly package covers infrastructure, recruitment, training, security, employee benefits, and management.

Top benefits of outsourcing to the Philippines, when using Fullstaffer services, include:

1. Cost Savings: Outsourcing through Fullstaffer can lead to significant cost savings for your organization, as day-to-day tasks can be completed in a lower-cost economy, where employment expenses are up to 70% lower.

2. Employee Satisfaction: By outsourcing time-consuming and administrative tasks to the Philippines with Fullstaffer, your local teams can enjoy increased capacity, leading to higher employee satisfaction.

3. Expert Guidance: Fullstaffer’s outsourcing specialists are highly trained professionals who offer valuable insights, advice, and support throughout the outsourcing process, which encompasses recruitment, onboarding, training, and ongoing management.

4. Business Growth: Opting for outsourced talent through Fullstaffer rather than hiring locally enables you to free up funds that can be reinvested in other areas of your business, facilitating scalability and growth.

5. 24/7 Operations: Fullstaffer’s Filipino workforce is willing to work according to the client’s preferred hours, allowing you to extend your operational hours and even hire staff to work while your onshore team rests.


Almost any task your team can perform using computer programs, online platforms, or over the phone can be carried out remotely by an outsourced team. All that’s required are the appropriate skills, training, support, and software to execute the job.

If you’re ready to explore potential tasks and positions that could be outsourced, please visit the SOLUTIONS page to identify what’s necessary to enhance your capabilities and increase your profit margins. Roles that are particularly suitable for offshoring encompass accounting and finance, technology and customer services, real estate, marketing, and human resources, among others. At Fullstaffer, we have access to a vast pool of talented professionals in the Philippines who can be recruited to match your outsourcing needs.

Your new team member(s) should be prepared to commence their tasks within a timeframe of 6 to 10 weeks from when the process begins, and potentially even sooner.

We rely on your job descriptions to identify and engage appropriate candidates from the local job market and our existing talent pool database at Fullstaffer.

Fullstaffer recruits the talent, our clients provide the training. Depending on the role you are outsourcing, Fullstaffer’s recruitment process may lead to candidates who already have systems experience and relevant accreditations; reducing the amount of training necessary. This will become evident throughout the recruitment process as you will be communicating with our talent acquisition team regularly.

You should provide training on your company background, products, services, processes, special software, and policies – all as relevant to the role. You’ll also need to communicate tasks and responsibilities to your remote team, check in on their progress, and answer their questions.

We recommend using project management systems and text-chat software. Daily communication helps everyone feel like part of a team and gets the best outcome for your business.

You’re also responsible for managing your team’s performance and reviews. It’s important to give plenty of feedback, especially in the early stages of working together. Your outsourced team wants to help you as much as possible, but they’re not mind readers, so they need clear communication.

Of course, your Fullstaffer client experience manager (your designated point-of-contact for your Fullstaffer account) will proactively support your goals throughout, including providing well-documented processes for performance improvement and disciplinary actions.

We are thrilled to assist you as your business expands. You can onboard new team members whenever necessary as your requirements evolve. Just reach out to your client experience manager, and we will identify the perfect candidate for your team.


No, we typically advise working with full-time staff to ensure that your team consists of dedicated resources providing consistency across their tasks and responsibilities.


Our Fullstaffer team is adaptable and can adjust their working hours to meet the needs of your business. This flexibility is particularly valuable for clients operating in time zones different from that of the Philippines. If you require them to align with the working hours of your onshore team, we will gladly accommodate this and ensure they are available online during those designated times. We can support your specific requirements, whatever they may be.

It varies depending on the circumstances. If it’s related to inadequate performance, we will furnish you with a comprehensively documented performance management structure, which encompasses clear notifications, an assessment phase, and a progression procedure that may culminate in termination. If you wish to let go of a team member for non-performance-related reasons, your client experience manager can offer advice on how this procedure is conducted at Fullstaffer.

Certainly, the Philippines ranks as the third-largest English-speaking country worldwide, boasting around 75 million English speakers. English holds the status of being one of the nation’s official national languages, alongside Filipino. Within the professional sphere, English stands as the predominant language of communication.


Certainly, your Fullstaffer team members will be fully committed to your business. They will operate just like any of your in-house team members. Just as you wouldn’t have your in-house staff working for another company or a competitor while on your payroll, the same applies to your offshore employees.

All the salaries of your outsourced team members will be included in your monthly all-inclusive invoice, which you will receive from Fullstaffer.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to your Fullstaffer client experience manager to inquire about the perks already covered in your monthly subscription, or to explore additional ways to express your gratitude for an outstanding performance.

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